Sunday, July 31, 2011

Terms of Surviving Infidelity in Marriage

The word "survive" entails being able to live on, function and prosper. It means being able to exist. In a marriage with infidelity, how does one survive?

There are a lot of articles in the internet on surviving infidelity in marriage and there is no one correct way of doing so. To be able to function and prosper in marriage after infidelity and overcome it is definitely not easy. You will first have to believe that you can survive it. A positive attitude is a requirement to survival. An agreement must occur between you and your other half. Both of you should decide that you want to put everything in the past. This step you cannot skip. Else, you might find yourself trying to survive when your partner has already given up in the first place.

In your agreement, you may include the following terms:

- Honesty at all times: agree that both of you will be honest with whatever aspect of each others' life.

- Time to heal: both of you should give each other time to heal and process feelings.

- Avoid fights: although this may be inevitable it helps to come up with rules of how you will make up in case you have a fight about the previous affair or any other reason. You must make sure you don't make the damage bigger than it already is.

- Support each other: talk about what you should do if the other one is in pain, doubt or suspicious. It helps when you can support each other in times of grief and sorrow.

- Forgive. You must also agree that no matter how long it takes, you should forgive each other. Do not hurry each other. Rather, agree that even if takes years, you will eventually forgive each other.

The terms will help your relationship to not only survive but to thrive as well. Just make sure you concentrate on the positive and avoid focusing on the negative. Make new memories and get ready to face other challenges in your relationship in the future. This will help you anticipate and solve future challenges that will come your way.

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