Monday, April 9, 2012

Review and Giveaway - Boba Baby Carrier!

Guest Contributor, Heather Lucas

So you have to clean the bathrooms, make the beds, vacuum the living room, and start preparing dinner all while your precious baby is teething and just wants her mommy.

Ever been there? I definitely have been. We all as mothers and keepers of the home know that there are those times (lots of times, right?) when it is just plain hard to get everything that needs to be done, done.

Enter babywearing. I received a Boba 3G to review. I was so excited when it came in. I immediately opened the package, read the instructions and strapped that puppy on. :D I even went and woke my daughter up from her nap to put her in it! It is very comfy and has tons of extra little things that I've come to appreciate. I mean who doesn’t want a purse strap so that when wearing baby your purse doesn’t fall off your shoulder? I mean that is momma-type thinking!

So we have used our carrier quite a bit in the last few weeks since receiving it. We use it when walking around the mall, for a quick walk to the corner store, while grocery shopping, and I also use it when NEEDING to get housework done.

The idea of babywearing to me is more than just, "Oh I just love my baby so much I want her on me at all times," but more of “Wow--my daughter is watching me!”

We, as women and mothers, must lead our little ones by example and learn to enjoy everyday moments with them; because these are the times they will remember. Enjoying the everyday moments is a lot easier when the house is picked up and everything is in its place. But it’s not always like that, is it? There are things that have to get done and we as homemakers have that unique privilege of being the keeper of our home, wife of our husband, and mothers to our children.

I love the thought that my daughter’s little mind and heart are picking up my grateful and loving spirit as I take pride in taking care of my home and family that the Lord has blessed me with. I was not brought up in a household where I was taught how-to’s or the "whys" of cooking and cleaning. It has been a hard journey learning to become domesticated (Lol), but I think it is such a privilege to instill those qualities in my young daughter (and future children) at such a young age.

I know sometimes having little hands helping, in actuality is having little hands hindering. But don’t stop them--teach your children from a young age to enjoy these everyday moments, and to cherish them.

I think that babywearing is a great way to begin weaving your children into your cleaning, cooking, and housekeeping routines. I enjoy the times when my daughter is resting against my back. I just hope to show moms that we don't have to be superheroes but to be an honest example of how we display God's grace in our lives day by day.

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