Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five! Books, Breakfast & Biblical Homemaking

It's time for "Friday Five," and here are five of my favorites from around the web. Enjoy!

1. Favorite Books to Read Aloud - Grace Full Mama

Grace Full Mama shares a list of books that have captivated everyone in her family, oldest to youngest. I noticed some classics in there that I myself loved as a child!

2. Breakfast Party Ideas - The Creationz Studio

Up until this week I didn't realize that breakfast had the potential to be beautiful. Sure I've seen waffles with whip cream before, but cute appetizers? Not until now. My friend Melissa told me to look up a recipe for ham and egg cups, and that's when I came across a post with five breakfast party ideas! I've already picked up sliced ham and some eggs. I can't wait to make mine!

Image Source: Modern Mom

3. Why Women Should Respect Men - Stay at Home Daughter

Stay-at-Home Daughter writes, "There is a disease spreading across America like a cancer. It’s infecting our lives, our churches, our homes. It’s an illness that is creeping in subtly with symptoms that seem harmless and innocent at first but if not treated quickly and aggressively will lead to much destruction and loss. A blatant disrespect of men..." Read the rest of the post at her blog.

4. Mandy Ballard - Biblical Homemaking

Since I started writing with Roo Magazine this year I've gotten to know some incredible bloggers. One of those bloggers is the talented and adorable Mandy Ballard. I like fashion and I LOVE home decor, which is what originally drew me onto her site.

Her home is incredible, which is why I find myself stalking her blog some nights! And if you like home decorating, you will love the "Before and After," posts like the one where she painted her couch.

5. The Best Job in the World

This video's been popping up all over the web this week. Take two minutes to watch it and you'll see why!!

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