Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Everybody flirts,flirting tips

Everybody flirts. Men and women flirt. Single and married individuals flirt.

People flirt for many reasons. Some want to attract attention while others while to take their relationships with another person to a whole new level.
Flirting is a constant part of social interaction. Some people deliberately flirt while others have no idea that they are actually sending out flirty signals to another person.
The main thing people do when flirting is to use their body language. This is a very effective form of flirting since this can transcend spoken words.
Someone who is a little bit shy about letting his attraction known is more likely to resort to flirting through body movements as this has a lesser chance of rejection. This also increases your chance for success because you will be able to determine which girl is receptive to the signals you are sending out. And if she sends back some flirty signals, you’ll know that she’s the one you need to pursue.
Flirting can be deliberate and subtle.
There are guys who are more comfortable with deliberate flirting. This is probably because they have been successful in the past. It could also mean they are alpha males, hence the absence of fear and inclination to be subtle.
Deliberate flirting is usually in verbal form. Here, guys may use pick up lines and flatter the woman. When done right and by the right person, this can be very effective.
But most guys prefer to flirt subtly. Not everyone is very confident, so they would want to lessen the chances of failure. Subtle flirting signals are going to help them seduce a woman without being too outgoing.

Some examples of subtle flirting tips are the following:

Always establish eye contact. Catching someone’s attention is better when you start to steal glances and create eye contact. Sometimes, two people immediately understand each other at a glance.
Smile. A lot of people forget that smiling is a very subtle way of flirting. Smile also with your eyes and tilt your head a certain angle and you’ll be telling girls that you like them.
Stand/sit straight. Confidence is indicated in a guy’s posture. To make girls want you, it is important that you display confidence.
Run your hands through your hair while looking at a particular woman.
Sit with both your arms resting on the head of the couch you’re sitting on. Also, part your legs. This is a very good position that indicates you’re trying to flirt with someone.


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