Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Women thinking about men

Are the men worth being loved? The science has no answer for that question yet, but they are definitely worth to be laughed at.
Yes,we think
There are some things that make a man be man and give the women causes to mock at them. Although  a clever woman – and the women who can mock at the men are clever ones – never laughs at he man’s face. So what’s o funny?
So one says that most women think that men are awful and terrible but yet haven’t found nothing better.

Just the same way as it’s said about women that they are constant at only one thing – their inconstancy, the very similar saying suits men a lot: if a man can never be faithful than he’s a least faithful to himself in this.

A man is being jealous not only because he’s a man of property but either because he loves himself too much to think that a woman could ever find anyone better. With the women situation is opposite – they are always afraid that a man can find someone better.

A man never talks about love – only about lovers. A woman likes to talk about men and love but never about lover. Also every woman would like to hear “I will love you always”, and every man would prefer to hear about some more definite and definitely shorter terms. That also the reason why men love the women with the past – he hopes once to become a part of that past.
Men speak of love only in one case – if it’s unhappy in order to excuse sex without any love.

A men respects all things that are boring and proud with the things he does in the similar way with all other men – drinking and making kids.

For a woman one man is enough to say that she’s understood them all, for a man all the women he had are the reason to say that he understands none, still every next one is attempts to finally solve the mystery.

The ideal of every normal woman is a gentleman, probably women love the idea that gentlemen go out with blondes but get married on brunets. Still gentlemen’s the weakest of all men and nowadays nobody can say for sure if there’s some of them left and how do define them. By one opinion a man is a gentleman if he at list takes a cigarette out of his mouth before kissing a woman.

Also every woman is sure that she’s wiser than any man that’s why she always knows when it’s time to step back and let a man think that he’s the stronger and the cleverer one. A woman won’t ever loose your head only because of the man’s beautiful legs.

Women pay more attention to such really important as credit cards and sometimes character and less to the details of minor importance like age and beauty.

Every woman knows how to use the self-assurance of the men for her own profit – tell him that he can’t or too old to do the thing and he’ll die but get it done. But still he’s making a ritual of anything he’s doing – haven’t you noticed he always hangs around in the kitchen when it’s you who’s cooking, but if he takes the preparation of the dinner in his hands he can’t stand a person besides him.

Also women like talk about heir husbands and the married men. One says she’s married an archeologists because he cherishes the things the more the older they get, another claims she would have married again if she only could find a very wealthy and not very healthy man, one more woman likes to think that the best of all men she didn’t love was her first husband.

Women are always fighting with their discrimination in the man’s world. Men are discriminated too. They can’t have kids. Still no one fights with that. Probably men themselves are just like kids with more expensive toys. Some women are even sue that those man are truly masculine who behave courageously and childish at one time.

Women are always trying to find a formula for an ideal man, but time after time they come to a conclusion that such a man doesn’t existed and if he did it would be extremely boring to live with him.
Of course woman don’t mean everything they say about men, because if they did they couldn’t ever love them, but yet truth has it’s part in all those words.


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