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Get changed and to Be an Attractive Woman

Get changed and to Be an Attractive Woman

Get changed and to Be an Attractive Woman

Author: cathyswift
Spring is here now, a season that means rebirth, renewal and regrowth. Then why not take the chance to add a bit more color, or experiment with new accessories or a hair style that may flatter your face a bit more?

Firstly and the most importantly, know who you are. Don't hide behind your clothes, let them whisper authentic musings of who you truly are. You can be pretty but still unattractive if you don't have your own thoughts and ideas. "Go there", "Wear this", "Do that", "look at these". Yeah, no. Don't listen to others all the time, do anything you want to do and be true to yourself.

"Every woman could be the most beautiful in her own way" – Byrne Victor, VII CODE

Is there anything you could improve to make yourself more interesting and fun to talk to? Be nice and smile a lot. A nice person turns into a prettier person in the eyes of everyone and a little smile will make you more attractive.

Take care of yourself. Find the balance between weight and eating, between enough sleep and reasonable exercise. Being healthy makes you more energetic, better for your mental health.

Lastly, we cannot say physical appearance completely determines attractiveness, but this is still a factor, especially the face of a woman. Get a haircut or new style that fits your facial shape and take care of your skin. Daily skin care (VII CODE O2C All-star Oxygen Eye Cream) is necessary to prevent future fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and sunspots.

VII CODE - Living a simply happy and luxurious life is to have less, but what you do have should be of luxurious quality that impresses and comforts, helping to show more of your true beauty and self-confidence, thus you will be the most attractive one not only in this spring but your whole life.

You are always busy with your work, your social life and your family. Sometimes, you have to stop for a while and take a moment to look around the world you are in, especially too see yourself. What do you see? Do you like what you see? Are there aspects you would like to see improve?

Look yourself in the mirror, how the person looks? Does she still beautiful, active and young? Or just look so tired and older than her real age? That would be bad if you are in the second situation, it means you lose the balance in your life. Sometimes you are lost, what you want is buried by your endless work and social activities. Will you regret one day that you don’t show more attention to your face and skin care because you are so concentrated on your work?

"Keep trying and improve what you are not satisfied, in time you will be changed and amazed."                 – VII CODE

Most likely you know of something that you would like to change, right? It could be the work situation you are in or your mental status. The one in the mirror need some changes, get rid of the extra stress, and get rid of the wrinkles, fine lines from the face, make you a new one. Let’s take example of your face and skin care change:

Be focused on what you want to change. Once clear about the intensions, you will know what you should do to achieve it. You want to look young, then you should make a simple skin care routine for daily, at least you should do the cleansing and moisturizer day and night. Skin care is more important than makeup if you want a perfect skin. Prepare two different creams, one for face and one for eye.

Be patient. It will take time for one to make some changes. Like an eye cream, fine lines or dark circles are not appeared in one day, so a few weeks or months will be taken to see the change. VII Code All-star O2C Oxygen Eye Cream is an example. You will never know VII CODE is great till you find the fine lines disappeared two months later.

Be creative. If you have tried many products with no good result, why not discover new products you will love? Make new purchase with confidence, dot try the normal one like others do. Because what works on others doesn't mean it will also work on you. You use Estee Lauder before then you can try VII CODE now, for instance.

Whatever you wish to change, believe that you can make positive changes you want to see in your life and even the world. Keep in mind that you should live in such a way that embodies what you seek, remember how powerful you really are. 



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