Monday, March 12, 2012

Can Men and Women Really Be Equals?

By Vanessa Halloum

Women are blessed with so many great natural qualities that men have to work hard to achieve if they want them. Some of these are love, sincerity, authenticity, truthfulness, and beauty. Every woman possesses these qualities just naturally whether they are aware or not.
In today's world, especially in Western society, it is quite common for women not to be aware that they have these qualities. In fact, many women might think these things are negative, but how could they be negative? This is the mind of the future.
Women have long sat back and watched men dominate the planet with their masculine energies that rely so much on strength.
Many women have even turned to those energies just to compete in the same world. In the process, they forgot what it means to be feminine. They put it on the back burner for things that they considered weak, but being feminine is not weak. Today's modern woman needs to recognize that these qualities make women leaders and give them strength; they do not hinder women from anything.
The truth is women will never be like men. We both deserve the same rights but there will never be equality because we are both entirely different. Women who seek out to have an equal standing with men will eventually start doing the same things that men do. They will forget compassion and love, and stop leading their lives with their heart. By becoming equal to men, women give up everything they had that was important and made them unique to be like the other.
Women should not seek out to be like men. Even though this has become some women's definition of "equal," why should women seek to be like men to be better? Feminine energy leads by putting others first and having compassion. Masculine energy leads by putting the individual-self first and only improving on the sole individual. Women have the power inside of them to make the world a better place not just the individual-self.
By embracing the feminine energy, women shine. Their spirit can almost be seen through their vibrant livelihood. Any woman that truly does embrace her feminine qualities does have a vibrant life. She has this because she knows where she stands, and no one can tell her differently because she is self-aware. If only the whole world could become self-aware, it is crazy to think of how much better everyone would treat others.
The world could learn from the feminine energy. It is not something to be feared, but should be embraced. Wars would become obsolete because everyone would live their own lives and let others live as they see fit with not interference. We might witness a huge decrease in depression and stress because becoming self-aware leads to happiness and peace.
Once the individual is at peace in their own mind, they then become at peace with the world around them. This is not just for women, but men also could become more in touch with their feminine energy and understand that feminine women could actually be the world's best hope for a new more loving way of living.
Vanessa Halloum is the author of The 5 Feminine Power Virtues and the founder of FeminineSoul.Com, a free online community for women who want to connect and collaborate with other visionary women. She's also the President and CEO of Empowered Life Productions, a company dedicated to create and market empowering products and events that will make a positive impact in our world. Whether she's speaking at one of her events of hosting her blogtalk radio show, her message is simple: It's time for us to create a balance between masculine and feminine energy in the planet. Her mission is to help women reconnect with their feminine essence so they can access their inner authentic power.

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