Thursday, March 29, 2012

How I Have Become a Better Housewife

How I Have Become a Better Housewife

By Vanessa A Palmer

In my life, I have been a housewife for over 30 years and these are some of the ways that I totally spoil and make my partner a happier person.
The first way is to make a list of all the things that really need to get done on a daily basis. This makes things go so much better and easier for you. I normally start at one end of the house and work my way to the other end. Be sure to give yourself enough time to complete each task but to leave you some relax time as well.
The second thing is to make sure you do these tasks everyday so that there is little or nothing left to do when your partner gets home but to help him or to make him feel he has your undivided attention. I have found that my partner loves to feel that he has my whole attention after he comes home from working hard all day. I have even ran him a bath and laid out everything he would need for it including clothes.
The third thing is to try to help your partner as much as possible by not bothering him at work. So many women I have met call their partners at work for the least little thing and that can become bothersome. Not only to your partner but to the company he works for as well.
In my case we own animals so there is a task in itself. I make sure the animals are all fed and taken out if necessary so that he does not have to do that when he comes home. It makes for some really rewarding time with the animals and your partner.
I also try to have him a cold beverage waiting on him when he gets home. I know that he has worked hard all day and will probably need something cold to drink. For everyone this will be different as some people would prefer hot drinks as opposed to cold. So take that into consideration.
In conclusion, I do these things everyday and I have a very happy and spoiled partner. He tells me everyday how much he appreciates what I do and not having to come home to a mess or to having to take out our animals. I hope these tips help you to become a better housewife.

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