Monday, March 12, 2012

Main Reasons of Divorce

After marriage, life never remains easy as it was before. Relationship between a bride and groom stand on the pillars of trust, honesty, understanding and faith. This bond puts lots of responsibilities on a person's shoulder. Sometimes, they have to face several problems. Those, who able to hold the stress, made a perfect married life and other who fails, make it the reason for their separation. But a best relationship advice at this time might help. In this piece of writing, we will discuss about the reasons which give rise to the painful course of divorce.
1) Dishonesty- This is the common and biggest mistake a person does in married life. It doesn't matter how long you have an affair with other person, it just means that you are breaking all the promises that you did during wedding and if you are caught, after that even an advice can't save your relationship.
2) Communication gap- To carry forward married life, there must be effective communication between husband and wife. Although you are a working man or woman yet you have to find time to communicate with your partner. If you are not sharing your daily life or your feelings with your spouse then they will not be familiar to your problems and it can create a distance between two partners, which in future can lead to divorce.
3) Lack of trust- Faith is the main base of a marriage. A relationship without trust can't stay for long time. A person chooses someone as life partner because a thing comes to their mind that this is the person who will remain with me in every situation and on which, I can trust blindly. But if they lose trust on you then norelationship advice can help.
4) Misunderstandings- This is also a common and unfair thing that breaks a bond between couples. Sometimes, we see our spouse chatting with their friends or colleagues and without any evidence start doubting that they have an affair. Several circumstances occur when it seems right after that we begin abusing them physically or emotionally, which further becomes the reason of separation.
5) Difference in lifestyle- Sometimes, different lifestyle becomes the source for divorce. If a person does arrange marriage then one doesn't know his upcoming partner's way of living, which creates several problems in their life and ends with divorce.
6) Ego- This is one more cause of separation. If one is earning more than the other, then sense of self hits their mind and start comparing them with their spouse, which may spoil their life. This situation can be handled by controlling ego or by getting relationship advice from experts.
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