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Why I can`t attract guys?

5 Common Myths About Why You Can't Attract Guys! Read This Before It's Too Late!
5 Common Myths About Why You Can't Attract Guys! Read This Before It's Too Late!
By Savanna Lewis
Many women like to put the blame on guys for why they are still single. They come up with the most absurd excuses like "guys are scared to approach me" or "guys don't want to have a relationship with me because I make more money than them." The truth is that women need a way of justifying why they are still single, and they come up with rationalizations like these to try to make themselves better. Unfortunately, these excuses end up helping nobody, and it's best for you to learn about them yourself before it ends up being too late.
Myth #1
Some women think that men avoid getting involved in a relationship with them because they are earning more than guys. This is actually far from the truth. I know a number of couples with whom the woman is earning more than the man. I even have a friend who is making all the money for her household because her husband got laid off and doesn't have a job. Men are not closed-minded about being in a relationship with a girl just because she earns more than him. As long as he is getting the respect he deserves and feels important to you or to the family, money doesn't matter.
Myth #2
Men don't like women who talk about their success. It's not true, but many women believe it. The fact of the matter is that men don't like women who start bragging about their income, job, or car the moment they introduce themselves. It's not that men mind women who have these things, but just that men don't like women whose lives revolve around these things because it makes them come across as egotistic. If he learns about these things over time instead of you telling him immediately, he will be more impressed.
Myth #3
The next myth is that men are too intimidated to approach you. Sure, many men are intimidated by certain women, but the only reason for this is because the women are putting up a cold front. They can tell just by observing her that she's got an attitude. Men don't want to go up to a girl and get blown off. They would much rather approach a woman who smiles, laughs, and seems friendly.
Myth #4
A lot of girls will claim that they are still single because there are no "good" guys left. The truth is that these girls have set such stringent requirements on what kind of guys they will date that their dating pool is severely restricted. For example, they will only date guys who have a prestigious degree, a certain income level, great looks, and a big house. By doing so, they end up looking over the vast majority of guys and end up overlooking most of the "good" guys.
Myth #5
Another big misconception women have about guys is that they assume that any guy who gets married to a financially successful and independent woman is lazy and just wants someone to take care of him. The reality is that it is human nature for guys to want to be independent. If a guy is not independent and still relies on someone else to take care of him financially when he's older, he doesn't feel fulfilled. Notice the number of single women with children and absentee fathers. Men do not want a relationship just so they can have someone to take care of them.
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