Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Friday Afternoon Facebook Party!!!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a mini facebook party through which I gave away some Amazon gift certificates. It was fun, but like many of my projects, it was spur of the moment. Since then I got to thinking... wouldn't it be fun to host another facebook party in which EVERYONE was involved?

So I had to think hard... "How would this unfold?" Sure we all love winning prizes, that's for sure, but part of the fun is giving them too, isn't it? After all there are a lot of you with books, crafts, etsy shops,  CDs, awesome blogs, etc.

So I came up with a party idea that will take place this Friday, from 12 noon to 3pm central time. 

What I'll Offer

I've had a few women approach me this week about giveaways. So I have a few giveaways that I'll be hosting throughout the afternoon. Keep your eyes out for your chance to enter!

(Check out my giveaway list below this post for a a sneak peek!) 

How Can you Be Involved? 
  • Since the wall will likely be busy with party goers, I invite you to post links to your own giveaways. If you have a facebook "page" you can link there and attract new readers, or if you are a blogger, you can post links to your blog, saying something like, "Hi I'm Gina from Keepin' it Real, and I have a Valentine's giveaway on my blog!" (And feel free to re-introduce your blog throughout the afternoon.)
  • Get involved by "sharing." If you see a giveaway that looks interesting to you, then please "share" it on your facebook wall so that the links are moving in cyberspace.
  • Chat and introduce yourself to other women on the wall. I attended "Love Around the Block" last night, and I had a blast because I got involved in the chat.
  • Share this post so other's can join in. The more party goers we have the more fun it will be. 
One last, but important thing: 

My Giveaway List

  • 5 Copies of the brand new eBook Pursuit of Proverbs 31 by Amy Bayliss
  • 2 Copies of the eBook Embracing the Mess by Jenny Ervin
  • 1 complete Child Training Bible Kit (everything that is needed to make one)
  • 1 item from It's a Blessing -  Etsy Shop (valued up to $15.00)
  • An autographed copy of "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp
  • A copy of each, The Mission of Motherhood and Dancing With my Father by Sally Clarkson
  • 3 Books by Karen Ehman: A Life That Says Welcome, The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized, and Homespun Memories for the Heart - and 3 Starbucks Gift Certificates.
  • 5 Music CDs, "Redeeming the Time" by Brooke Lambkin
Details on these giveaways will be posted during the party on Friday afternoon. Hope to see you there!

Don't have a facebook account? You can still have fun by joining me for the Blitz Giveaway Week at Roo Mag this upcoming Monday!

You are loved by an almighty God,


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