Saturday, September 20, 2008

Natural Disasters and Marriage

Natural disasters is something that nobody can control. I guess it's kind of like a marriage. You can't always control what your partner does, even if you are married. When I got married, I thought that we were a team. Our partnership only lasted about 10 years. Was it something that I did to end this partnership? No, honestly, I tried so hard to hold onto it, thinking that his cheating would just all of a sudden stop and we would go on with life and be happy again. That didn't happen. I had to find a way to be able to live, and live peacefully. Life was not going to be peaceful with a man who had to have more than one woman. Yes, I filed for divorce because I just couldn't take it anymore. So many lies were told. Not only that, but my faith and trust were gone. I no longer felt as though we had a marriage. He didn't want to try either. This marriage reminded me of the Hurricane Ike that just passed through here a week ago. No way of controlling anything, it just happened.


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