Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Good Looking Man

There he stood, his face so smooth, except for the small mustache he kept. He had slightly wavy black hair, little bit of salt and pepper to his look but none-the-less, a good looking man. He was only 2 inches taller than me, small build with a few muscles to his arms but he had the biggest brown eyes you would ever hope to see. I miss his face so much. I can see him in my mind, smiling back at me, like he used to do, way back when. It's so hard to imagine such a nice looking man who was once my one and only love and to picture him now as he ages, still cuter than ever, but in my heart I know how he is. He doesn't want to love just me. He didn't want to go to counceling so that we could work on our marriage. He didn't want to be bothered with the crying and the tears. Will I ever run into another man like this? Will I ever have the love that I once had for him? One day, my day will finally come and I know that getting over a true love will take time. Who knows how long, but one day, I may finally find the right one.


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