Monday, September 22, 2008

Divorce When There's Another Woman Involved

I do know a few things about divorce, after having to deal with it a time or two. I can tell you right now, that the man who you know as the one you married, the one who was supposed to be your soul mate can change in a heartbeat when having to deal with divorce. If you are one that has to go through the divorce because he has another woman, you need to watch out. No longer will he be easy to deal with......and that's because there is another woman involved. He will want to do everything that he can to please her so you may stumble upon some problems before it's all said and done. I watched my astoundingly sweet husband who wanted nothing more than to please me, turn into the biggest and meanest creature of all time when it came to divorcing. He not only wanted out, but he wanted to hurt me with every step of the way....and it was all because he was NOW trying to please someone else. I gave in more than I should have when it came to the child support and letting him have some of the things that should have been mine, and now regret it. If you are having to deal with divorce from a man who has someone else, don't let your guard down.


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