Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Never Saw His Infidelity Signs In The Beginning

Sometimes when we were together, he would decide to come in from work and go straight to the shower, the right to our room, alone. Did he eat dinner with me and our family? Most of the times, the answer was no. What made our relationship so odd was that we were together in the same house, but we didn't really do anything together. When my friends came over, he would retreat to our room and not come out and socialize. He became strange in some of his habits such as taking 4 and 5 showers a day, wearing 2 and 3 different sprays of cologne, almost to the point of really stinking me out. He did work hard and would come in with the checks he made and post them on the refrigerator for me to deposit and pay his share of the bills but he rarely bought me anything or took me out and paid for it. He suddenly decided at one point in our marriage that he didn't like my cooking and started wanting special foods such as things he used to eat while he lived in Mexico. Why didn't I see all of these changes in him while we were together? Why didn't I happen to see that he was going out on me way before I discovered it?


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