Saturday, September 6, 2008

Living With A Cheating Man

I went from living with the man I married, who was a complete work-a-holic, to living with a stranger. This man never yelled at me, and was mostly quiet, but he started talking to me in really nasty language. My husband was very abusive with what he said to me when he was mad. I suddenly discovered that he liked making me cry, perhaps making him feel like he was a man. I don't know why he would choose some things to get angry about and other things he just didn't seem to care about. I didn't like it when he called my friends names, because those names were very be-littling and honestly, they never did anything to them. Many times, I witnessed a man who would be a Dr. Jeckyl---Mr. Hyde. I never knew when he would be the sweet and kind husband or the man who liked to make me cry. I never suspected anything of him early on in my marriage, but now thinking back, I remember him telling me several times how he had his own friends. Maybe he was trying to tell me back then that he had another woman. That is something I will never know.


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