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Positive Suggestion For Children When Sleep Toward

Hypnoparenting techniques, consciously or not, was not new. Your parents may have already put it into practice. Perhaps you remember, first, mother or grandmother gently stroking your hair when you lie down on his lap. Then, they say the words of hope at the same time praying for your child to grow into a healthy, intelligent, virtuous or any other expectation.

Care for and educate children with love, this is the basis of a written hypnoparenting techniques scientifically, but practical and applied by Dr Dewi Yogo Pratomo, MHT, a writer who also works as a teacher, lecturer, speaker, human resources consultant.

Positive words this is what affects growth and development of children, even to overcome the difficulties faced by parents when caring for children. It is the duty and responsibility of parents to give positive suggestions to the child using this hypnoparenting technique.
Tantrums in public places, this child's behavior often makes it difficult to deal with parents. Even when the child wet the bed when he was already no longer a preschool, this also happens because of causes. "Usually the child has specific concerns that make it wet, it is necessary to find why, and something that happened to a child can be overcome with hypnoparenting techniques," explains Dr. Goddess at her book launch in Jakarta, some time ago.

Various problems faced by parents when caring for children can be resolved with hypnoparenting. Children who have trouble sleeping can be overcome by the method of hypnosis is practiced his parents. The mechanism by giving a signal in the subconscious, said Dr. Goddard.

"For children, the key words, affectionate and smart. Hypnosis to tame 'dinosaur brain' that exists in everyone. What do you say to a child that is prayer. Say positive suggestion repeatedly, because hypnosis is repetition. Easy to implement methods of hypnosis anyone and for all layers, "he explained.

HypnoParenting book written by Dr Dewi even explain in great detail this method of parenting. You will be helped to make the script a positive suggestion and how to practice them to children. To understand the methods of hypnosis, this book also includes an audio CD so that parents can learn techniques hypnoparenting more leverage.

Regarding when the right time to give positive suggestions to the child, Dr Dewi explained, "Perdengarkan CD while reading the script that is in the book, when the child half-asleep. Before bedtime, when the eyes of a child starting weight, did not answer when asked, this is the most appropriate moment to insert a positive suggestion. "

What kind of positive suggestion for children? Of course this is dependent needs and problems to be solved parents. Dr Dewi pointed out, if the child's main problem is difficult to get up early, then give a positive suggestion, saying to him before bedtime, that he could wake up tomorrow morning to get ready for school.

"Perform 11-12 repetitions of positive suggestion consecutive times, 10 minutes before bedtime, twice a day and closed with a hug," advises Dr. Dewi added for children with autism let them heard audio CD for an hour once a session.

This technique can be done by anyone, including parents who tend to be quiet or difficult expressions reveal to his children. "The child is the product of his parents. Quiet child who is a product of parents who are quiet. The boy was skilful imitator. It is time parents introspection while practicing the method of hypnosis to overcome various problems of parenting, "he explained.

Positive suggestions given to children may differ between parents with each other, said Dr. Goddard. You are free to give any suggestion. "Hypnosis is like a speech, opening and closingnya same, namely, breathing deeply. The suggestions can be dismantled pairs according to the needs of parents and children, "he explained.

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For educators and scholars, Komaruddin Hidayat, parents already practicing ancient techniques hypnoparenting. "Once, when my grandmother Koran, he stroked my forehead saying I'll hoe with a pen, and so on. What did the grandmother, after I read the theory, is the method of hypnosis. Parents in the village have done it and it's effective, "he said during a book talk sessions at the same event.

Suggestion can also be done when the child was whining at the mall for example. "Squatting, equate you and your child's eye level, use a sound stomach, face eyes, take a deep breath, and speak to him a positive suggestion, and end with a hug. Children will know the real parents are giving it affection, "said Dr. Goddard.

Positive suggestion is a form of parent-child communication. No matter how small children must get used to communicating. "Do not educate children to be manipulative. If the child whines and parents responded by giving what was asked, this will become a habit for him, "he said.


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