Saturday, January 21, 2012

Build a Good Diet Early!

Parents are the most important influencers for children, including the food. Site owned Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion USDA featuring 10 tips for a good example to children, especially in the growing culture of good eating. In the statement, disclosed that many things that parents do to help children understand the importance of diversity of food and nutritional balance. Such as cooking together, eating together, discussing preparing meals, and so on. Here are 10 tips that are recommended are:

  1. Be a good example. For example, to explain the importance of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains-be an example with a well liked and eating these foods.
  2. Go shopping together is one way to provide experience for the child. Discuss about the origin of these products and nutritional value. Educate them to choose wisely the goods to be purchased.
  3. Creative in the kitchen. Encourage your child to participate in the kitchen. For example, by forming foods with funny, and give them the opportunity to name each one.
  4. Provide the same meal. Cease to discriminate food. Plan a menu that is suitable for all family members, including children.
  5. Give rewards with attention, not food. Show your love with care, like a kiss or a hug. Do not give a reward in the form of candy or other snacks. This can lead to the perception that the food is better than other foods.
  6. Caring with each other when eating. Make mealtime as a means of improving communication and release workload. Turn off the television and the telephone when you're eating with the family.
  7. Listen to what children say. Every child has aspirations. If they are hungry, offer a healthy snack, though not yet entered a meal. And when will prepare a menu, you should ask what they thought earlier. For example, "a vegetable dinner, ananda prefer broccoli or spinach?".
  8. Limit your time watching TV or playing digital games. Invite them during commercial breaks of physical activity.
  9. Encourage physical activity, for example by scheduling a joint exercise on a regular basis. Get used to walk to school, if the distance is near.
  10. If creating a new recipe, describe taste, texture, and aroma as well. Select the preferred child. Do not force them to eat something that is not preferred. Offer new recipes to eat early, when children feel hungry.


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