Sunday, June 3, 2012

Secrets of Men That Women Should Know

According to psychologists, if a man is ever caught on some “innocent” lies, trust to him will be exhausted. Where should a woman know that all this afoot for her peace of mind? However, men do not hesitate following the advice of scientists and disclosing their little secrets. Let’s try to figure out why.

Secret number 1: A neighbor is a really good looking woman

But that does not mean a man wants to leave you for her. They are simply arranged this way - even while happily in love, they will automatically look at all pretty women around. It’s like a radar, which cannot be turned off.

Secret number 2: Sometimes a phrase “I’m going to watch football” means “I want some rest from you”

Quite often a visit to football (basketball, tennis, hockey, drafts tournament) is just an excuse to rest from his beautiful half. Of course, no wise man will say: “Honey, I’m tired of you, and I want to spend time with friends.” So he has to portray a hot admirer of tennis or handball.

Secret number 3: Obligations of any kind deprive them of courage

A rare man starts reflecting on a wedding, drawing a plan of family nest and thinking about the color of curtains in the nursery since the first day of acquaintance. The overwhelming majority of male population will require months or even years to come to terms with an idea that beloved woman is actually waiting for a proposal.

Secret number 4: Gender equality is fine, but man should earn more

“Syndrome of provider” reached men in the legacy of distant ancestors, who killed mammoth in one fell, dragged it into cave over tail, proudly awarded it to their second half and disposed of in the rest - waiting for honestly earned dinner. Since that time a man is hunting for mammoth (ie making money), and a woman is cooking dinner (ie, earns less). When a woman tries to enter a traditionally male territory and pursue mammoths (ie, earn as much as her man, if not more), family relations are steadily spoiled.

Secret number 5: In fact, they like working at home

In fact, men like working at home - because of internal feeling of superiority: she will not stand without me. Why do they hide it from women? Probably because all immediate household chores are formed in the most inopportune time - for example, during a favorite football team’s match (how can they miss it?).

Secret number 6: Over the years, they love their second half increasingly

Men’s emotional growth occur gradually, and reaches its peak in 40-50 years - so, at least, psychologists say. And most men agree with them. Over the years, men discover some new, previously unknown sides of their partners’ natures, with age an internal reassessment takes place and men are beginning to appreciate the qualities they have not previously drawn attention to. But none of them will say to a woman: “Honey, I love you stronger every day (month, year)”. She may decide he loved her less before.

Secret number 7: Sometimes they do not understand what women are talking about

This is one of the worst men’s secrets - well, who of sound mind will recognize he did not understood a word of his wife’s flaming speech? They will simply say: “Yes, I understand, of course, you’re right”.

Secret number 8: They are afraid of women behind the wheel

When a woman sits behind the wheel, a man in the passenger seat internally becomes a frightened boy. This traditional men’s territory is not intended for women, and the one that dared to violate the border and allowed sitting at the helm, does not receive a great deal of trust. Of course, he will never recognize this. But if, at a speed of 30 km / h a man suddenly says something like: “Honey, I think we are going too fast”, there is no doubt - he is frightened to a pulp.

Secret number 9: All men secretly wish they were 25 once again

But they will never in admit it. This is a women’s tradition, so no man will develop this theme.  Although, of course, it would be better, if they were 25. Well, at least, 30.

Secret number 10: Give him freedom - and he will give you eternity

A woman, sincerely respecting man’s freedom (be himself, go to a football with friends, go on holiday alone), is much more likely to win his heart and eternity with him, than a woman constantly tracking his every step.


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