Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Time Of Happiness, Yet Sad

Today I am feeling quite melancholy. I don't think that I have felt this down in a while, and it's not about infidelity this time around.... while I have been working hard at getting my life back, settling into a nice comfortable spot without my ex, learning that life can REALLY be great, I am facing the fact that our little girl is now a bonified adult....she is now 18. The child support stopped and her waiting by the window watching for her daddy to come visit is also gone. She is a beautiful self-sufficient young lady, confident and loving, fiesty and sweet. I have taught her how to do her banking, savings, washing her own laundry, cooking and how to put God first in her life. I have also shown her how to be able to live life happily, with or without a man to support her. I am a very proud mother, but time seems to have a way of speeding itself up quickly as she got older. Our beautiful daughter will be going off to boot camp in 6 more days.  Yes, she joined the Navy. She will study to be a hospital corpsman ( like a Dr or nurse) and I am happy for her. For all the times that I worried about my ex not showing up for visits, for all the times I worried about him making a bad impression on our family by tearing it apart, I sit here today, confident in the fact that she is a strong young woman, and will be able to find a young man who will treat her good in life, when it comes that time. I know this is an exciting time in her life, but I know my heart will ache when she walks out the door. I wished I knew how my ex was feeling about this, but we rarely see him anymore....is it sight out of mind ? Perhaps he's moved on for good, and that's a good thing. I am happy today that I no longer have to deal with his infidelity, but sad that our family had to break apart because of it. For those of you who are diligently trying to work out your marriage, know that it IS possible but it takes time, and lots of it.


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