Thursday, December 8, 2011

Having Good Credit

One thing for certain,  if you are thinking about getting out of a relationship due to your partner's infidelity, is that you have good credit.  Having good credit  is something that is a must in today's world. I knew when I left, that my credit needed to be in good shape,  so I checked out my   credit report, just to be sure.  My ex-husband's credit was not in as good a shape as mine was, but he was working on trying to get it in  better standing. When I checked my report, I found a few things that I didn't know was there, but after being able to see what was in there,  I was able to call and get a few things taken care of.
Did you know that there are actually 3 different credit ratings that creditors check to see what your rating is when you apply for credit, like, for instance to buy a car? At first, I thought there was only one, but found out differently. You are also able to get those credit reports for free, one time a year. Getting your free credit score is pretty easy, actually. It is in your best interest to know what's on your score. Being able to dispute something that's wrong or correct an address or name spelling is pretty easy to do, but you have to have the report first. Take care of your credit also means taking care of you and your future.


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