Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Festive Drinks For You & Yours This Holiday Season

Photo used under Creative Commons from izik
By Nigel Lawson

Well, my last blog was all about holiday treats and bonding with the kids.  This post is strictly for adults only.  Okay, at least the first part is.  I never like to leave the kiddies out, so I have something special for them too.

Is your Ex acting like a jerk right before the holidays?  Are the kids driving you up the wall? Will you be able to get your family members exactly what they want this holiday season?  Well, you can forget about all that for now.  If the "Seasonal  Insanity" seems a bit overwhelming, take a Jingle Bell Break and sample one of these festive holiday libations (provided by Whattodrink.Com).  These are just a few of the Holiday Cocktails listed on their website. 

And, don’t worry.  If you’re not big on alcohol, I have a special list of fun non-alcoholic drinks you and the kids can share during the holidays (provided by Family.Com).

For Adults Only (Alcoholic Drinks)  
  1.  St. Nick’s Naughty or Nice Punch
  2. Sassy Little Elf
  3. Candy Cane Swirl
  4. Homemade Eggnog
  5. New Year's Sparkler
  6. Midnight Kick

For Kids & Adults (Non-Alcoholic Drinks)

     7. White Christmas Hot Chocolate
     8. Quick Party Eggnog
     9. Cranberry-Apple Wassail
   10. Cold Chocolate Peppermint

Whether sampling one of the potent potables, or imbibing one of the calorie crammed kids’ drinks, moderation is always key.  Never drink and drive, or have a cup White Christmas Hot Chocolate and fall asleep on the couch.  Both are hazardous to your health.  Stay safe, and have a joyous holiday season. 

Best Wishes,

The Divorced Dudes Club

P.S.  Hug your children, and tell them you love them.


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