Friday, October 10, 2008

Learning To Move Forward

After finding out about my husband's cheating, what did I do about it? Well, the first time that I found out, I picked up and left, leaving no trail behind me. There was no way that I was going to accept the fact that I saw my husband with another woman. He never knew that I saw him either and after I did, I called him just to see what he would tell me as to where he was and of course, it was just another lie. How did we get to this point in our marriage? Why did he feel it was necessary to step out on me? We were getting along fine up to that point. We did not have any big fights between us, nor did we have any issues unresolved. Up until that very point, our lives seemed to be great. I don't know why he was such a weak man that he couldn't have just chosen to do the right thing by me, just a simple "no" to the other woman would have been all he needed to say, but didn't. Did his weakness lie in the fact that he just couldn't resist her forwardness towards him, him feeling sorry for her or that he just felt that if I didn't know, it wouldn't hurt? No matter what his motives were, they don't matter anymore. I am moving on now and learning how to move forward.


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